"Melanie has been our caring and trusted homeopath for twelve years now, helping me to see and support my son from toddler to teen and providing me with guidance for myself as well.  She has taught me to look for the systems of symptoms that arise when one needs more support and to be grateful to those symptoms as signposts rather than something to fear or to feel shame about.  Her incredibly compassionate witnessing has allowed me to speak truthfully about all the many emotions and experiences of motherhood and to feel met rather than judged when divulging the harder pieces.  I deeply feel that her intuitive understanding of the body and people along with her skilled precision with the vast knowledge of homeopathy has kept my son's spirit bright, gently diverted his system from ruts that could have deepened into patterns of unwellness, and made me an infinitely better parent by being asked to observe him and report on him in such a holistic manner.  I recommend her care wholeheartedly to all, especially those faced with issues that are chronic or not easily explained by Western medical models.  If you want your whole self supported, body, mind, heart, and spirit, then Melanie's care is for you!

~ME, Oakland, CA

"Melanie Elms is an extraordinarily accomplished healer/homeopath. My daughter and I have benefitted from her care for over ten years, gaining relief from chronic issues that seemed intractable. A keen and empathetic listener, Melanie is able to discern the dynamic physical and emotional aspects of an issue to find the appropriate remedy, and her overall goal is for our general health and well-being. We feel very fortunate to have Melanie’s care and wholeheartedly recommend her." 

~DN, San Francisco

I work as a birth doula and never know when I will be called to show up for a birth nor how long it will be.  I was once called to a birth and was suffering both from a frozen neck/shoulder that inhibited my ability to use that arm and to turn my head as well as laryngitis that nearly obscured my voice- certainly not ideal for physical supporting a client nor for advocating for them or using sound and words to calm them!  I called Melanie in a panic and she worked on my case as I drove to the birth.  I was able to stop at the store and pick up a remedy that she suggested and took the first dose even as I ran to the counter.  I'll never forget the pain immediately easing and the range of motion starting to open as I was standing in line to pay.  Five minutes, I called her, my voice nearly back to normal.  It was as close an experience to magic as I've ever had! 

~ME, Bolinas, CA

I’m so grateful for Melanie’s respectful and deep listening, and her knowledge as a highly skilled practitioner of Homeopathy. Over a period of months, she guided me back to health by helping to resolve difficult symptoms that developed after a covid  vaccination, a condition that Western Medicine barely acknowledges, let alone has any idea how to address. 

~LE, Bolinas, CA

Photo Credit: Jessica Swanson