Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy is based on consistent, rational and scientific principles that have proven to be effective for over 200 years. The remedies can help a person at any age including pregnant women, newborns, children, teens, adults, and the elderly and is effective in a wide range of conditions including first aid, acute, chronic and epidemic diseases. Homeopaths consider the totality of an individual’s mental, emotional and physical symptoms when selecting a remedy to address all given complaints and look deeply into the constitutional make up, health time-line, emotional traumas, genetic predispositions, response to stress and core distress of a person.

Functioning very differently from conventional or allopathic medicine, homeopathy considers the body to be an integrated whole, aiming to strengthen the entire system when treating any ailment rather than focus only on a single part or symptom. Homeopathy does not use drugs to alter the body’s internal chemistry which aim to kill invading pathogens, but rather employs remedies which become a catalyst for the immune system to heal itself, avoiding unwanted side effects. ​​

Principles of Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a therapeutic system which is the result of over 200 years of careful clinical observation which has given rise to a set of clearly defined principles: