Homeopathy for Everyone

Constitutional/Chronic Intake

To begin constitutional homeopathic care I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to answer questions, find out what you want help with and go over fees* and payment. 



3 hour Intake:


As the homeopath, I listen carefully to your description of what you want help with and what you perceive is holding you back from feeling your best. I also ask questions about your mood, sleep, digestion, pain, and anything else that pertains to the feeling of unwell in your body to gain precise information needed to select the correct remedy for you. Throughout the homeopathic intake I inquire about your medical history and find out what disturbs you mentally, emotionally, and physically, now or ever in your life. 


2-2.5 hour Intake with Parent + 20-45 minutes with the child:


I listen carefully to your description of what your child needs help with, asking questions pertaining to their life from gestation until the present making sure to get details that capture their development, behavior, mood, sleep, appetite, thirst, body temperature, sensitivities and anything else that characterizes them mentally, emotionally and physically.


1.5-2 hours:


I listen carefully to your description of what your baby needs help with, asking questions pertaining to their life with focus on the pregnancy, birth, sleep, teething, nursing and mood, making sure, to get details that characterize them mentally, emotionally and physically.

In long term or chronic ailments, the most effective homeopathic treatment seeks to discover the underlying cause of a person’s trouble. This initial consultation is an in-depth conversation between the homeopath and client going over symptoms and the details that individualize the person’s disturbance and discover what is holding them back from reaching their fullest potential. 

Follow ups

45-60 minutes:


Follow ups are necessary every 4-6 weeks for the first few months to make sure you or your child are on the right remedy. After this initial period, follow ups will be scheduled as needed. 

Acute Illnesses 

for Adults and Children

30-45 minutes:


Usually done over the phone, I gather symptoms that describe your or your child’s acute symptoms. This is a change of state from your usual constitutional state. After gathering all the information about what bothers you, I immediately work out the case and prescribe a remedy to be taken as soon as possible. 

Regular check-ins are conducted over the phone or via email over the next hours and days as needed until the illness has been resolved.

In acute ailments, the homeopath does not need to go into as much depth as with chronic ailments. Remedies can act very quickly in acute illnesses, sometimes within minutes.

*Limited alternative fee arrangements are available upon request.

Photo Credit: Jessica Swanson